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Class Placement Lists will be posted on Friday, Aug. 29 @ 5 p.m.

School Supplies

We have partnered with a new company called Brick by Brick that has a business agreement with Office Depot to supply schools with an average of 50% off all school supplies.  Their website is linked to our school website and all you need to do is enter our school name and grade level and the site will automatically show you which supplies our teachers are recommending for the coming year.  You can order the supplies in a bundle and shipping is extremely low and your supplies will arrive to your home within 48 hours.  Using this service is of course optional, but I am sure most of you will find it to be an affordable and efficient method for ordering school supplies.  Click below to order supplies...


Order School Supplies

Congratulations to Benjamin Pham for being Orange County's Diamond Winner in the 22nd annual Why Mo Deserves a Diamond® contest. Elementary Division.